CZ Dan Wesson Eco OD Green .45 ACP 3.5-inch 7Rds



CZ Dan Wesson Eco OD Green .45 ACP 3.5-inch 7Rds

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There has never been a higher demand for self defense handguns than there is today. The greatest demand is for the smallest, lightest gun available, but this has drawbacks. Generally these guns are difficult to shoot well, lack stopping power and recoil can be a problem. If you can’t hit or stop what you are shooting at, what good is the handgun? CZ understands all of these concerns as they face them every day as well. CZ wanted to give their customers the smallest, lightest gun that they could without sacrificing accuracy, dependability and stopping power.

Presenting the ECO, a true single stack officer size 1911 weighing in at only 25 oz. For years the officer 1911 has been criticized for reliability. CZ has taken care of that by using some of the latest technology as well as their background in doing what others say can’t be done. This gun has all the latest and greatest CZ has to offer.

The ECO wears tritium night sights with CZ’s tactical ledge sight on the rear of their lightweight 3.5” slide. The barrel is a flush-cut ramped bull barrel with target crown rather than the traditional barrel and barrel bushing. This makes the gun slightly more compact and easier to disassemble. The recoil system is quite unique for this style of 1911 as CZ uses a solid, one piece guide rod and a flat recoil spring that is rated for 15,000 rounds in .45 ACP. That is 15,000 rounds! Not 500 rounds like most 1911 dual recoil systems are rated for. This is unheard of in a production 1911! This recoil system also gives the benefit of a smooth slide for easier operation and less felt recoil.

Trigger pull, like all of CZ’s 1911s, is short and crisp at around 4 lbs. This helps achieve the accuracy you’ve come to expect from a Dan Wesson.  The frame is anodized aluminum and features an undercut trigger guard and 25 LPI checkering. The mainspring housing is also aluminum with 25 LPI checkering and a rounded bottom corner for concealability and shooting comfort. These features coupled with the Ed Brown high ride grip safety and CZ’s new slim line DW carry G10 grips really help you hold onto the gun for faster follow-up shots and recoil control. Just like the Guardian, the ECO slide and small parts are treated with CZ’s Duty finish and available in both 9mm and .45 ACP. Stopping power is not a concern.

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight and reliable 1911 that beats the competition, look no further than CZ’s Dan Wesson ECO. They are confident you won’t be disappointed.