AGM PVS-14 NW1 Gen 2+ WP

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The AGM PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is a rugged, lightweight, multi-purpose night vision device that has been proven in combat. The original PVS-14 was developed for the US Military for nighttime operations., this device is used globally in the most challenging environments.
The PVS-14 can be used as a handheld device or mounted to a head harness or helmet with proper accessories. The PVS-14 conforms to 810G Military standards and demonstrates the highest quality form and function. This night vision device is a full-featured unit and features manual gain control, automatic bright light shut-off and built-in Infrared (IR) illuminator. The bright light shut-off feature ensures the high-quality photocathode tube is protected.


Image Intensifier Tube
Gen 2+ “White Phosphor Level 1”

51-64 lp/mm

Field of view cleanness by zone
Gen 2 IIT NW1 is the highest resolution and the cleanest offered by AGM. There are practically no visible spots in Zone 1..

1x (3x and 5x optional)

Lens System
26 mm; F/1.2


Focus Range
0.25 m to infinity

Diopter Adjustment
-6 to +4 dpt

Led Indicators
Low battery; IR On; Excessive light conditions

Infrared Illuminator

Manual Gain Control

Bright Light Cut-Off

Automatic Shut-Off System

Battery Type
One AA Alkaline

Battery Life (Operating)
Up to 50 hours at 20°C

Operating Temperature Range
-51° C to +49° C (-60° F to 120° F)

Storage Temperature Range
-51° C to +85° C (-60° F to 185° F)

0.32 kg (12.4 oz)

Overall Dimensions
114 x 63x 69 mm (4,5 x 2,5 x 2,7 in)



Compact, rugged design


Head or helmet-mountable for hands-free usage

Manual gain control

Ergonomic, simple, easy-to-operate controls

Built-in Infrared illuminator and flood lens

3-Year warranty


Package Includes

Head Mount Assembly

Brow Pad

Eye Cup

Helmet/ Head Mount Adapter

System Soft Carrying Case

Daylight Filter

Shoulder Strap

Lens Paper

Diopter Lens Cap

Sacrificial Window

Demist Shields

Operator’s Manual, Battery