Aimpoint CompM5B 2MOA LRP Mount w/ 39mm Spacer



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Inter-Store Transfer

If this item is out of stock at your local RifleGear but available at our other location, no problem. Just place your order and select In-Store Pickup as the shipping method. As long as the item is legal in your location, we will transfer the item for you. You will be notified by email once your item has arrived at the destination. The CompM5b is high performance red dot optic and can withstand tough handling and environmental situations. The CompM5b features the ability to quickly adjust the reticle to compensate for ballistic drop at known distances. Each optic includes interchangeable turrets adapted for standard calibers at different distances and offers three-setting wind/lead compensation adjustments.
The CompM5b allows for unlimited eye relief and is compatible with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers as well as all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD). The battery life for the CompM5b is over 5 years of continuous use while at the position 7, more than 1 year of use at position 8, and more than 10 years at NVD settings (pos. 1 to 4).
Comes mounted on an Aimpoint LRP quick-detach mount with 39mm spacer.


Quickly adjust the reticle in accordance with projectile ballistics and distance to target

Wind compensation adjustment in 3 levels

Tailor-made ballistic caps

Mount base is keyed in to the body of the sight to absorb recoil

39 mm optical axis and LRP mount

Flip-up lens covers – front is solid, and rear is transparent – allowing the user to shoot with both eyes open and lens caps closed in an emergency situation

Matches perfectly with Aimpoint® 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers

Legendary Aimpoint ruggedness

Anodized high strength aluminum housing, semi-matte black

NVD compatible



Dot Size 2 MOA

* MOA (minute of angle) 1 MOA ≈ 30 mm at 100 meters ≈1 in at 100 yards

Magnification 1X – No Magnification

Night Vision Device (NVD) Compatible Yes

Transmission Average 70% in the range 420 – 900 nm

Eye Relief Unlimited

Diode LED (Light Emitting Diode) totally eye safe

Dot Color Peak Wavelength: 655 ± 15 nm

Light Source Wavelength 650 nm red light

Optical Coating Anti-reflex coating all surfaces and multilayer coating objective lens

Optical Signature No optical signature is visible at 10 meter distance, front side, on appropriate settings with NVD

Clear Aperature 18 mm / 0.7 in

Parallax Absence of parallax – No centering required


Size L x W x H 3.3 x 2.0 x 2.7 in

Weight 9.2 oz

Size L x W x H – Sight Only 3.3 x 2.0 x 1.9 in

Weight – Sight Only 6.7 oz

Material Housing and Tube High Strength Aluminum

Surface Finish Housing Anodized, Semi-Matte

Color Housing Black

Lens Covers Flip-up Lens Covers, Front Solid and Rear Transparent

Material Lens Covers Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Black, non-glare finish

Material Mounting Solution Aluminum

Height of Optical Axis 39 mm / 1.5 in measured from top surface of mounting platform

Adjustment 1 Click = 10 mm at 100 m / 0.4 in at 100 yds

* MOA (minute of angle) 1 MOA ≈ 30 mm at 100 meters ≈1 in at 100 yards


Mounting Solution LRP Mount and Spacer

Torque – Mount to Sight 1.35 Nm / 12 in-lbs (Torx T10)


Battery Life 50,000 h at daylight setting 7 (15,000 Lux, room temperature)

Battery Type AAA/LR3, Alkaline

Night Vision Device (NVD) Settings 4

Daylight (DL) Settings 6


Operating Principle Reflex collimator sight – red dot sight


Submersible to 45 m / 150 ft

Laser None

Radioactive Material None

Temperature Range Operation – 45°C to + 71°C / – 49°F to + 160°F

Temperature Range Storage – 51°C to + 71°C / – 60°F to + 160°F

Temperature Shock Operable after a temperature shock between – 45°C and + 71°C / – 49°F and + 160°F

Humidity – Operable during and after Humidity. Limits: Operable during and after Humidity. Limits: RH: 95%, Temp: +20°C to +50°C (+68°F to +122°F), cyclic

Shock – Operable before and after shock. Limits: Operable before and after shock. Limits: X-axis: 500 g, 0.7 – 1.1 ms (3 shocks), Y-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms (2 shocks in each direction, Z-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms, 2 shocks in each direction.

Vibration – Withstands vibration. Limits: Withstands Vibration. Limits: Vibration, sinusoidal in a frequency range of 10-150 Hz. Frequency: 10-30 Hz, ±1.587 mm, Frequency: 30-150 Hz. 5.75 g, 1 octave/min. Direction: X, Y and Z, Time: 30 min/direction.

Chemical Resistance Withstands occasional contamination by weapons cleaners, lubricants, fuels and insect repellents.